• BIPSOS - saving lives on the road

    All devices are sponsored and free to the bike rider or car drivers, thanks to the dealer and our sponsors, 999 services and the riding kit, that's why the rider or car driver was ok.

    How does it work?
  • Act today, don't delay time saves lives. Its free

    So have the BIPSOS Crash Device fitted for free to your bike this will save time, keep you safe 24/7 and We also get a donation for every BIPSOS device fitted. So get one today.

    How does it work?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming onto our website. We have a number of great benefits to you, to keep you and your bike safe 24/7.

  1. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and your bike does not move within 10 minutes, we will dispatch an ambulance to your location so you can have the peace of mind that someone is on their way to you within 10 minutes of the incident
  2. If in the event that someone steals your vehicle and moves the vehicle ore than 150m from where you turned the ignition off, the device sends an alert to us and we try and contact you. Even if we don't make contact with you we will start tracking your bike with police to recover it. This is better than any alarm system - all the alarm does is make a noise, it doesn't find your vehicle for you.
  3. We also provide you with an excess protector of £250.00 in the event your vehicle is stolen or in an accident. The total cost for this is just £10.00 + VAT per month.


Simply click here to our contact page to request a device, and you will be contacted shortly to arrange delivery.