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Become an approved distribution partner for the BIPSOS crash devices and anti-thief tracker

Benefits to the dealer

We provide you with anti-thief and crash detectors FREE of charge

We provide you the opportunity to fit the crash detectors on our behalf for £35 +VAT which is payable to you by the customer when request fitting

When agreeing to become a distribution partner we market you to all our customers that enquire where they can have the device fitted! Driving new customers to your shop

Provides you sales aids to market the product

When doing various promotions we will highlight you as a dealer that looks after their customers motorcyle and their personal safety! In short you will be listed as a dealer that cares about their customers

Quick and simple to join! As of 1st December there will be no agreements needed signing simply a confirmation email to confirm that you wish to be a distribution partner at no cost to you

Request your interest in becoming a dealer