Making a Claim










If you are a BIPSOS Member:

Please fill in the claim form and send it to us and we will deal with your claim through our FSA approved claims partner. Please note we cannot recommend you, so this must something that you wish to do yourself. There is no need to call your insurance company, our claims partner will do this for you.

If you need a hire car or bike and the accident was not your fault we will get a hire bike or car to you as soon as we can.

Don't forget as long as you use your dealer that gave you your BIPSOS device for your repair we pay £250.00 towards your excess, or if you have our gold cover excess protector of £500. This applies to any members that join this membership from 30th January 2013.

As you have a members legal cover, your named solicitor on your policy will be calling you soon, so do not talk to anyone about your claim let them do all your talking for you, keeping you legally safe. So click now and send a request for a BIPSOS claims partner to help.

Non BIPSOS member:

If you have had an accident and it was not your fault and you need a hire bike or car to get you to work we can help you with this. Click now and one of our claimers partners will call to help. Don't forget we can help with anything you need, we work for all bikers as we are bikers.