Terms and Conditions

  1. We have provided this device which has been fitted free of charge to you which has been paid for by our sponsors including a £50,000 legal expense policy.
  2. The device will not be activated until you have registered on line or by using the free phone number provided by your dealer, failure to register voids BIPHELP LTD from responding to any incident that falls inside any alert given by the device and received by our control room.
  3. This legal expense policy provided is primary legal cover which means you do not have to purchase a second legal expense policy when securing your insurance.
  4. The device relies on cell phone towers and satellites or force majeure or for whatever reason the cell phone towers or satellites are not working or do not provide cover at the time the device sends an alert BIPHELP LTD who provide the device under the brand name of BISOS cannot be held responsible in the event a crash alert fails to reach our control room.
  5. In the event that the BIPSOS crash detector fails to notify our control room for whatever reason under any circumstances BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible and you as the user fully accepts that BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible.
  6. Full reliance on the BIPSOS device cannot be totally relied upon due to any factor that may cause BIPHELPS LTD control room to not receive your alert for whatever reason.
  7. BIPHELP LTD will grant your dealer a £250.00 excess protector by way of a voucher which can only be redeemed in the dealership that provided you the voucher.
  8. In the event you purchase our £1000.00 excess gold membership this can only be redeemed at the outlet that provided this voucher.
  9. Your legal expense policy will be provided to you and can only be claimed upon if the accident was 50% or above non-fault and can only be claimed against if you report the claim on line at claims@bipsosbikes.com  and we are the first person or organisation you report your claim to, failure to do so will void your legal expense policy and the benefits that it comes with.
  10. BIPHELP LTD  FSA authorised claims partners BANKSTONE will deal with your whole claim and provide you a help line free phone number to call to identify your liability percentage and as long as your liability position is 50% or above in your favour we will assist you with your claim and provide you a hire vehicle if required.
  11. BIPHELP LTD control room will be monitoring your device 24/7 365 days a year as long as it is fully charged and we are able to receive a signal from the device as we do weekly tests on the device to see whether it is active and working.
  12. BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible for any battery damage or any power surges for whatever reason this incurs that’s why all devices are fitted with a fuse isolator, but in the event of the fuses not working which may cause damage to your vehicle BIPHELP LTD will not be responsible.
  13. In the event of the device breaking down or not working a new one will be provided as long as you the user of the vehicle are not the cause of the damage in any way and all devices carry a 3 month replacement warranty.
  14. In the event of you selling your vehicle you are free to transfer your device with the bike sale on the clear understanding that the new owner and yourself complete the transfer document on line by registering the new owner, failure to do so could cause the wrong medical information to be used by the emergency services and as important could cause distress to your family member in the event of an incident and BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible if you the owner of this device does not transfer the information or the new owner does not register, we are not liable for any incident that occurs and the wrong information is provided to any person relying on the information.
  15.  You are accepting the terms and conditions herein and are authorising us at BIPHELP LTD control room to provide the emergency services with all the medical information provided to us by you on the registration procedure whether that is by telephone or on line and failure to provide us with the correct and up to date information BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible.
  16. Any partners that we refer to you for whatever reason and they fail to deliver a service for whatever reason BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible for their failings of any element or service provided.
  17. It is your responsibility as the user to provide up to date and accurate information with regards to your medical status, next of kin/family member any failure to do so will be your responsibility and BIPHELP LTD cannot be held responsible.
  18. BIPHELP LTD will not at any time monitor your speed or driving behaviour unless authorised by you by way of an email conformation
  19.  All telephonic communication will be recorded for training compliance and protection of all parties concerned and can be used in a court of law in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  20. So you accept the terms and conditions herein either telephonically or on line or by signing a registration form in the outlet where your device was provided.